League Info

Code of Conduct

Read the Code of Conduct – for parents, coaches, and players.


Resources for Coaches

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With our new online registration system comes a new online coach’s application form.  If you are interested in coaching any of our teams this fall, please fill in the online application.  You will hear from us in the fall – thank you for stepping up and helping out!

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League Rules

  1. Age Requirements: All applicants must be appropriate ages or under for grade levels played.
  2. Regulation (10 feet) hoops and an appropriately designated sized basketball will be used.
  3. Each game will be played as 2 – 20 minute halves.
  4. Teams must have a minimum of 5 players (Younger players may play up to complete roster)
  5. There will be no 30 second clock, but stalling will not be tolerated. This will be enforced by referee.
  6. No foul shots will be taken – 1 point shall be awarded to team fouled after 5 fouls. No overtime will be played.
  7. Three timeouts per game will be permitted. A maximum of two timeouts per half will be allowed. No carryover for unused timeouts.
  8. No zone defence. This will be called at the discretion of the Referee.
  9. Full court person-to-person pressure is not allowed in Grades 6/7 or below..
  10. The BC High School Rule Modifications regarding alternating possession will be followed.

Other Items

  • 2 Halves
  • Regular High School Modified Rules with the following:
  • Warm up – 5 minutes
  • Half time – 2 minutes
  • 3 Timeouts – 45 secs. ea., max 2/half